Indiegogo Campaign, 3 days left

As our campaign winds down with 3 days left, we are struggling with the realization that our goal of $30K will not be achieved. In hindsight, it was a pretty lofty goal, but without a goal what is there to strive for? Perhaps many of you have tried fundraising for various reasons and understand it is not an easy task. We were continually amazed who donated/contributed and who didn’t. It is completely unpredictable. We wish to extend a sincere thank you to those that did contribute and thanks for believing in us. For those who didn’t contribute but are liking our page and posts on Facebook and following us on Twitter, thanks for your interest and support. Not achieving our goal in the Indiegogo campaign does not deter us but only strengthens our resolve to keep striving towards our goal of opening a craft brewery in the Hampton Roads area. For us, it’s about community involvement and collaboration and we can’t do it without you.

How about a Belgian Pumpkin Ale?

Yesterday, members of Storm Forge Brewing Company made a Pumpkin Belgian Ale.  We cut up and roasted a 40 lb white pumpkin, not sure of the variety.  Mixed it in a blender until it was a puree then added it to the mash.  There was left over pumpkin so we made pumpkin soup with it, then made bread with the spent grains to be enjoyed with the soup.  Not a bad day’s work!

Belgian Pumpkin Ale Mash

Belgian Pumpkin Ale Mash

Spent Grains Bread

Spent Grains Bread

First Newspaper article about Storm Forge Brewing Company

We made it into the Suffolk News Herald on Wednesday, September 10 2014.  We were very excited to see our names and pictures in actual newspaper print.  I know the world has moved on from printed newspaper and now its social media that gets everyone’s attention.  But we still found it exciting to be published.  We sat down with the managing editor during our lunch hour and talked with her for about an hour.  She did a great job relating our story about how we’re trying to bring a feeling of comfort and good will know as Gemutlichkeit (in Germany) to our brewery.   Check out the article at

Storm Forge Brewing Co Indiegogo Campaign winds down

Our Indiegogo crowd funding campaign has less than a week left and has over 41 contributors. Thanks to all who support us. We couldn’t do this without the community behind us.
The funds raised from the Indiegogo campaign will enable Storm Forge Brewing Company to purchase a small batch automated brewery system capable of producing 1 BBL which equates to 31 gallons of beer. The beer produced from our small batch system will be available in our tasting room for customer sampling and feedback. The most popular beers will be brewed using our 30 BBL system and distributed to local restaurants through a regional beer distributor.
Perks offered to contributors include the enviable opportunity to name one of the beers, brew it with Grom and be the first to taste it. Others include private tours of the brewery, T-shirts and invites to private tastings throughout the upcoming year. The Indiegogo campaign ends on September 22, 2014 so time is running out if any of the perks interest you.

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